Welcome to Jevoir International British school

In addition to our enriched curriculum JIB Schools provides Booster classes  in the areas identified to strenghten the children’s learning

Booster class is a short term support program designed to assist with progress. This ensures an equal opportunity for success by addressing barriers to and promoting engagement in learning.

Children have different learning abilities. Some need extra help in order to understand particular concepts or gain proficiency in reading and writing. Such pupils learn inclusively with other pupils and join the booster class from 2-3pm Mondays – Thursdays where they enjoy the one-on-one attention. Most pupils progress to learning independently and would not require to be in the booster class after some time.

Here at JIBS we take this  programme very seriously  for your child irrespective of their learning ability or disability. Every child is adequately catered for through differentiated instructions, activities and assessments.