Welcome to Jevoir International British school

We are a vibrant, happy, learning community that offers value-based education for your child. Our goal is to develop a confident, well-rounded student, who will possess relevant skills to be actively engaged in tackling 21st Century challenges.

As a school that is passionate about securing the future of tomorrow’s leaders, we are committed to equipping our students with life, career, and innovative skills towards creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership and responsibility as well as productivity and accountability. We provide outstanding opportunities that develop every aspect of our students’ interest and ability. We aim to develop a lifelong love of learning and to encourage every child to discover and nurture their passions.

Our exciting and engaging curriculum is based upon the latest version of the UK National Curriculum 2014. We use the highly regarded UK Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) strategy to ensure the youngest children develop their full potential, and follow strictly the full UK National Curriculum from Year 1-Year 6. Our pupils are regularly assessed against the requirements of this rigorous academic program to ensure that they are on track. you are welcome to come to take a tour of our facility as we promise to ensure your child experiences 21st Century Learning that sets him/her up to be a productive leader and an active global citizen .

We strongly believe that the only thing a school should be concerned with is student learning. Everything that we do is strategic and deliberate, particularly as it relates to why, what and how students should learn and assessing whether or not students are learning.

This is why academic achievement is tracked and celebrated on all students with the confidence and assurance that all will be successful.