Welcome to Jevoir International British school

JIBS is a “Reservoir for knowledge and Excellence”. We are committed to, not just mental and physical, but to social development of her pupils. Alongside our academic program we have a well-developed extra-curricular program of sports, science, music and art. Our school is renowned for its musical and dramatic productions.
Whilst we are proud of our rigorous British academic foundations, we are also proud to be based here in Nigeria with its wealth of culture and tradition. We take every opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge our Nigerian roots. Our children are proud of our school, they are keen and willing learners, well behaved and focused on achieving great things 

While we have adopted international standards to ensure our pupils are able to compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world, we always remind them of the rich cultural heritage in Nigeria. Irrespective of the pressure of modernisation and civilisation, our pupils are groomed with high moral standards through an enriched value-based rigorous and robust Full British curriculum, that is tailored towards academic excellence and character building.