Welcome to Jevoir International British school

Welcome to Jevoir International British School

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Choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions every concerned parent makes. It is therefore our pleasure to assist you in making a wise choice by having a better understanding of the British Method of Education and the vision and mission of  Jevoir International British school



Head Teacher

Jevior International British School

Welcome to Jevoir International British School, We are elated to have you join us, we hope you find the information deposited here helpful and insightful- this websites gives you a sneak-peek into the programs we offer our young champions. At Jevoir, we provide interesting and educating program/activities, where children are thoroughly guided and prodded towards attaining their goals through foundational grooming. We hold parental involvement and tutoring at its core, as it is instrumental to the academic success of our young learners. Jevoir International British School is intentional about utilizing the full potentials of our young learners and ensuring that they are used maximally. We therefore, ensure that our learning is all-round and including fun activities, games and thorough learning, where their rights are respected and they feel safe. Our tutors/teachers place priority on young learners and ensure that learning and activities are centered on promoting and instilling the right values in them. We understand that each child is peculiar and unique in their own way and they are treated rightly so. Our classrooms are modified with a warm ambience to allow them grow while facing challenges; we create an atmosphere of love and care. We recognize that knowledge acquisition in each child isn’t same and we therefore put the needs of each child as paramount. At Jevoir International British school, our teaching follows the UK Early years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) The EYFS sets standards for the teaching/learning, development and catering of children from birth. As well as being the core document for all professionals working in the foundation years, it also provides a framework that gives mums and dads the assurance that Jevoir international school offers the same standards as found in the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We strive to move with the pace of our world as it is constantly evolving. Jevoir International School provides a perfect learning environment that is serene and secure where each child is a champion. If you are in search of an Early-years program, that nurtures and grooms your child with the right values while allowing them space for growth by projecting their unique abilities. We are always available to give you a tour of our school and answer any questions you might have. Book an appointment with us. Jevoir International is more than a school, it is home and we would be glad to have you join us.



In the toddler class, children from 24months to  3years are grouped together to develop basic skills and familiarize themselves with the rudiments of all areas of the British curriculum. This is achieved through the prepared environment designed for the age group.


In the pre-school/ Nursery class, children aged 3-5 years are grouped together. Mixed age-grouping is ideal; as older children become role models to the younger ones while the younger ones learn a lot from the older ones. They flow into one another (osmosis).


Our primary curriculum is a blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum of learning which are further enriched with aspects of the British curriculum. Ours is a world of CREATIVITY AND EXCELLENCE

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