Welcome to Jevoir International British school

The right to quality Education is the entitlement of every child. It is every parent’s dream that with the right education, children can stand on their feet to tackle the challenges that may confront them and grow to become successful global citizens. JIBS  acknowledges these expectations and strives to ensure that we exceed them. In view of these, we use this medium to assure parents that we remain committed to you and your child. Please take note of the following

JIBS  is fully accredited by the Department of quality assurance; Federal ministry of education FCT, Abuja. to effectively run as a British International school.in Nigeria.This of course was subject to scrutiny of the curriculum obtainable, series of inspections of the facilities as well as the credibility of the teaching staff. JIBS Follows the UK National Curriculum  and the British core values thus preparing your children to become global citizens. we follow up closely on our children irrespective of their learning needs. The learning level of each child is identified and he/she is guided accordingly.